Conceptual Framework


KKPT6 English

  1. Form Six Conceptual Framework consists of two main components, which are curriculum and co-curriculum.
  2. The aim of Form Six education is to build leadership for nation building encompassing the aspects of unity, patriotism and identity in support of our national aspirations. It also aims to provide education students based on National Education Philosophy to inculcate responsibility, sensitivity/concern, innovativeness, maturity, self motivation, self-spirited, forward thinking/farsightedness/vision, courage, and compassion loving.
  3. Three main skills applied in Form Six education are cognitive, manipulative, and soft skills.
  4. The duration of Form Six education is 1½ years, which consists of three semesters. Semester 1 starts from May to November, Semester 2 (January to May) and Semester 3 (May to November).
  5. The Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) gets recognition from the Malaysian Government, Civil Service Department (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam - JPA), and the Cambridge Assessment, England. The STPM certificate is also accepted by JPA to secure a post in government service. Students who obtain excellent results in the STPM examination and co-curriculum is eligible to apply for further studies in Higher Education Institutions (IPT) locally and abroad.
  6. Form Six co-curricular activities are evaluated based on a fixed format by the Ministry of Education so that the validity of assessment results is undisputed, furthermore co-curriculum score is one of the requirements assessed to enter Higher Education Institutions (IPTA). Restructuring and rebranding of Form Six also involves structural changes to the co-curriculum. Hence, the administration of the co-curricular activities for Form Six could be carried out separately from those in the mainstream.


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