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YBrs. Dr. Mohamed Bin Abu Bakar


The CDC was set up in 1973 as a unit known as Educational Development Unit within the Educational Planning and Research Department. Subsequently, the unit was formed as a new division as part of the Schools Division of the Ministry of Education Malaysia. With that CDC had their own building located in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. In 1977 CDC was relocated to Pesiaran Duta, Kuala Lumpur until 31 December 2004. From the 1st January 2005, CDC began operating from its new building located Block E 9, Government Complex Parcel E, Federal Government Administrative Centre 62604 Putrajaya.


Quality School Curriculum For World Class Education


To develop an integrated school curriculum for the holistic development of the individuals’ full potential to fulfill the aspirations of the nation


  • Design and develop the school curriculum
  • Disseminate and implement curriculum
  • Monitor curriculum implementation
  • Prepare curriculum support materials
  • Conduct research for the development and evaluation of curriculum


  • Design and develop an integrated curriculum relevant for all levels of schooling
  • Monitor curriculum implementation at all levels of schooling
  • Evaluate and enhance the quality of curriculum to meet current requirements and future trends.


We pledge a promise to carry out our duties and responsibilities to ensure the clients receive :

  • A quality school curriculum;
  • The best professional help and consultation on matters regarding the curriculum;
  • Clear and precise information about the curriculum and quality support materials for teaching and learning;
  • Feedbacks regarding complaints and enquiries within 3 working days; and
  • Continuous professional and hospitable help at all times.


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Curriculum Development Division
Ministry of Education Malaysia
Level 4-8, Block E9, Complex E 
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62604 Putrajaya.
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