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Encik Aedy Fadly Bin Ramli


Bahagian Perolehan dan Pengurusan Aset (BPPA) merupakan Bahagian yang ditubuhkan setelah penstrukturan semula Bahagian Pembangunan dan Perolehan (BPP) melalui Waran Perjawatan S138 Bil.8/38 Tahun 2007 bertarikh 19 Julai 2007 yang berkuatkuasa pada 16 Julai 2007. Melalui waran tersebut sebanyak 215 perjawatan hakiki telah diluluskan bagi pengisian di BPPA.BPPA diketuai oleh Setiausaha Bahagian Gred Utama C dengan dibantu oleh empat (4) Timbalan Setiausaha Bahagian Gred 54 bagi menguruskan empat (4) Cawangan iaitu:


Selaras dengan penstrukturan semula Kementerian, BPPA diterajui oleh Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Pembangunan Pelajaran) Gred Jusa A di bawah Sektor Pembangunan Pelajaran.


Improving Asset Procurement, Maintenance And Management Programmes/Activities That Are Systematic, Of Quality, Efficient, Excellent And With Integrity To Meet The Educational Needs Of The Country


Managing The Procurement Of Supplies And Services And Maintaining Facilities And Assets To Achieve High Quality Standards


  • To Plan And Manage Supply And Service Procurement Programmes / Activities In Accordance With Policies
  • To Provide Sufficient Quality Supplies And Services To Cater For The Needs Of Education Institutions
  • To Plan And Manage Government Facility And Asset Maintenance Programmes / Activities According To The Prescribed Schedule And Standards At Effective Costs.
  • To Monitor And Assess Programmes / Activities For Supplies, Services And Maintenance Of Facilities And Assets.


  • Merancang dan menguruskan perolehan bekalan dan perkhidmatan bagi keperluan pendidikan.
  • Merancang dan menguruskan penyelenggaraan prasarana dan aset tak alih KPM.
  • Memantau dan menyelaras program atau aktiviti pengurusan aset alih KPM.


We Pledge To Carry Out The Division’s Activities Efficiently And Comply With The Prescribed Regulations By Ensuring :

  • Tenders Are Carried Out Within Four (4) Months Of The Date Of Advertisement Until The Issue Of The Acceptence Letter
  • Issue Of Acceptence Letters Within Three (3) Days Of Approval Of The Procurement Board
  • Preparation Of Contract Documents Within Four (4) Months Of The Date Of Issue Of Acceptence Letters
  • Preparation Of Approval Of Building/Infrastructure Maintenance Application Received From State Education Departments / Divisions Within One (1) Week
  • Appointment Of Consultant Within One (1) Month Of Finalisation Of Scope Of Work.
  • Management Of Application For Appointment Within Two (2) Weeks For The Following Posts :-
    • Asset Officer
    • Capital Asset And Inventory Inspector
    • Disposal Inspection Board
    • Investigating Committeet
    • Stock Verification Officer



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Procurement Division 
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