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YBhg. Dato' Haji Mat Lazim bin Idris


The history of the Perak Education Department began in the 1890s with its establishment at the Taiping Central School. It was headed by Mr HB College who held the post of inspector of schools.

Up to 1930, the Perak state administration was restructured several times which resulted in the creation of several key posts such as inspector of schools, Malay school visiting teachers, art superintendent of physical education, Tamil school visiting assistant and domestic science mistress.

After the Second World War, the post of administrative head of the Education Department became the senior inspector of schools. The administration was moved to Ipoh at the site of the Office of the State Government Secretary. Subsequently, the office moved to the former High Court at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, currently the oldest building in the Perak Education Department complex.

In 1953, the post of senior inspector of schools was changed to chief education officer. He was assisted by several English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil school governors as well as their assistants and clerical staff.

In 1954, the Education Department restructured the administration of Malay schools by giving greater attention to the northern and southern Perak regions. The duties and responsibilities of the inspector of Malay schools and visiting teachers increased with the growth in the number of schools.

After the country celebrated its first year of independence, the administrative system and organisation were augmented in line with the requirements of the National Education Policy which had been formulated based on the Razak Report of 1956 and Rahman Talib Report of 1960. In the 1960s, the administration of the Malay schools was revamped.

In the 1980s, the education administration and management system was restructured. Several divisions in departments were streamlined and the number of staff grew in accordance with the functions and duties of each division. On 1 June 1982, the Perak District Education Office was established to facilitate education matters at the district level throughout the state.

With the implementation of the new structure of the Ministry of Education, the Perak Education Department too was restructured in 2007. It currently comprises 8 sectors and 2 units:

  • Academic Management Sector
  • Management and Development Service Sector
  • Islamic Education Sector
  • Human Management and Development Sector
  • School Management Sector
  • Evaluation and Examination Sector
  • Private Education and Special Education Sector
  • Quality Assurance Sector
  • Information Management (ICT) Sector
  • Psychology and Counselling Sector


Quality Education Raises Accomplished Human Beings Leading to Prosperous Nation


Continuous Quality Education System to Develop Individual Potentials To Fulfill Nation’s Aspiration


  • Mempertingkat Kecemerlangan Kepimpinan, pengurusan organisasi, tahap profesionalisme pengurusan pendidikan dan kualiti Pengurusan pentadbiran institusi pendidikan.
  • Memantapkan kualiti profesionalisme semua warga pendidikan secara berterusan.
  • Mempertingkat Prestasi Kecemerlangan Murid Dalam Aspek Pendidikan.
  • Melahirkan Insan Yang Cemerlang Dari Segi Jasmani, Emosi, Rohani Dan Intelek.
  • Mempertingkat Pembangunan Prasarana Pendidikan.
  • Mempertingkat Permuafakatan Pendidikan.


We, the citizens of Perak State Education Department with determination and resolution, pledge our energy and effort to:

  • Ensure all children according to age cohorts are given places to study on the first day of school.
  • Ensure schools are equipped with educational facilities two weeks before the new session of school begins.
  • Ensure public examination results are distributed to schools before the results are pronounced
  • Ensure all examination and assessment affairs are carried out efficiently, with fairness, trusteeship, and legal.
  • To manage and to solve official job related problems and personnel services in terms of induction, confirmation, admission to pension post and others in the duration of (1) month from the date of receivership.
  • Ensure the vacancy post of Principal/Headmaster/Senior Assistant to be filled in (1) month after vacancy.
  • The applications of private educational institutions with comply terms and qualifications will be issued in 40 working days beginning from the date of the application received.
  • Posting of teachers to schools will be managed in 14 days after receiving the list of teachers from the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
  • To solve entirely all complaints in 14 working days.
  • Payment of bills and invoices should be done not exceeding 14 working days from the date receivership. (for complete documents)
  • Ensure the department is always aware and responsive towards customers’ demands and always giving attention and hospitable counter service in 5 minutes.


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