Education System

The National Education System at school level under the category of government education institutions consists of :-
  • Pre-school Education
    • Education programme for pupils aged four to six;
  • Primary Education
    • Course of study at the primary level is planned for a duration of six years but may be completed in five to seven years;
    • It consists of national schools and national type schools;
  • Secondary Education
    • Consists of lower and upper secondary education;
    • Secondary education is available at :- 
      • academic schools
      •  technical and vocational schools
      • religious national schools
  • Post-Secondary Education 
    • Education for individuals who have completed lower and upper secondary education but not higher education..
Schooling under the category of government assisted educational institutions relates to fully residential schools under the responsibility of the Fully Residential School Unit of the Schools Division.
Other educational institutions established at the school level are :-
  • Special education schools under the responsibility of the Special Education Department.
  • Sports schools under the responsibility of the Sports Division.
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