Education Direction


1957 The Education Ordinance, 1957
1961 Education Act, 1961
1963 National Language Art 1963/67 (Revised - 1971)
1971 Universities and University Colleges Act
1974 Politeknik Ungku Omar Act
1980 Malaysian Examinations Council Act


1956 Report of the Education Committee, 1956 (Penyata Razak)
1960 Report of the Education Review Committee, 1960 (Penyata Rahman Talib)
1967 Higher Education Planning Committee Report
1973 Committee Report on a Study of Views on Education and Society (Dropout Report)
1979 Cabinet Committee Report on Review of Implementation of Education Policies (Mahathir Report)
1991 Cabinet Committee Report on Training


1957 Compulsory subjects in primary and secondary schools
1970 Medium of instruction for standard 1
1975 All English primary schools converted into national primary schools
1976 Medium of instruction for form 1
1979 Medium of instruction for form VI arts stream
1980 Medium of instruction for first year university arts course
1981 Medium of instruction for form VI science stream
1982 Medium of instruction for all levels of schooling
1983 Medium of instruction for all university courses


1957 MSSEE (Malayan Sec. Sch. Entrance Exam) commenced
1963 MSSEE repealed
1967 PDL (Standard 5 Assessment) commenced
1973 UDT (Standard 3 Test) commenced
1982 UDT repealed
1988 PDL repealed
1988 UPSR (Primary School Achievement Test) commenced


1957 LCE (Lower Certificate of Education) commenced
1957 OSC (Overseas Cambridge Sch Certificate) commenced
1957 FMC ( Federation of Malaya Certificate) commenced
1957 QT ( Qualifying Test) commenced
1960 SRP (Sijil Rendah Pelajaran) commenced
1961 UK (Ujian Kelayakan) commenced
1962 SPPTM (Sijil Pel. Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) commenced
1964 SPPTM repealed
1964 FMC repealed
1964 MCE (Malaysian Certificate of Education) commenced
1964 SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) commenced
1967 SRP/LCE questions introduced
1968 OSC repealed in Peninsular Malaysia
1969 SPVM  (Malaysian Vocational Certificate of Education) commenced
1976 Malay Language Examination (July) commenced
1976 MCE placed under responsibility of the Examinations Syndicate
1982 HSC (Higher School Certificate Cambridge) repealed
1982 STPM (Malaysian Higher School Certificate) which was placed under the Malaysian Examinations Council commenced
1983 LCE Malay oral test repealed
1983 SRP English Oral Test repealed
1987 SPVM Certificate converted to SPM(V)
1987 SPM commenced throughout Malaysia
1991 KHPP (Living Skills Transition Programme) of SRP commenced
1992 Final year for SRP
1993 PMR (Lower Secondary Assessment) commenced
1993 SPM based on KBSM (New Secondary School Curriculum) commenced


1956 General Syllabuses and Timetable Committee established
1964 General Syllabuses and Review Committee established
1965 Comprehensive education commenced
1967 Report of the Committee on Curriculum Planning and Development
1973 Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) established
1982 KBSR (New Primary School Curriculum) implemented in 302 primary schools on trial basis
1983 KBSR implemented in all primary schools
1988 Full implementation of KBSR
1988 Implementation of KBSM for language subjects
1989 Implementation of KBSM for other subjects
1989 Living Skills Transition Programme commenced in form 1
1989 Implementation of PKBS (school based assessment) in year 1 to year 6 of all primary schools
1989 Manipulative Skills launched in 100 primary schools
1991 Manipulative Skills implemented in 1,000 primary schools
1991 Integrated Living Skills commenced in form 1
1992 Manipulative Living Skills implemented in 3,000 primary schools
1993 Living Skills implemented in year 4 of all primary schools. Schools which had implemented Manipulative Skills continued to do so for years 5 and 6.


1964 Establishment of the Special Education Unit
1978 Establishment of National Committee for Total Communication
1981 Inter-Ministerial Committee on Special Education (Ministry of Social Welfare/Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Manpower and Ministry of Education as the chairman and secretary)
1984 Inter-Ministerial Committee on Registration and Placement of Disabled Children
1984 Establishment of State Child Placement Committee
1984 Establishment of National Committee for Shah Alam Vocational Special Education Secondary School Curriculum
1985 Establishment of Braille Publishing and Printing Pilot Unit of the Ministry of Education
1985 Establishment of National Council Meeting for Welfare Services
1985 Total Communication Coordination Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education
1987 Establishment of Shah Alam Special Education Secondary School
1987 Implementation Committee for Education of Children with Learning Impairment
1988 Directive of Minister of Education to study extending full assistance to children with mild autism behaviour
1989 National Advisory Council for Community Development
1991 National Advisory Board for the Education of Children with Special Education Needs
1993 Committee to Review Education Policy, Planning, Coordination and Implementation for Children with Special Education Needs.
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