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Tuan Haji Nasran Bin Omar


The Accounts Division was officially established on 15 October 2007. It became fully operational on 1 January 2008. Prior to 2008, the division had been operating as an Accounting Branch under the Finance Division. The Accounts Division now functions as the accounting office for the Ministry of Education (MOE) with a staff of 250 headed by a Chief Accountant.


Leader of excellence in public sector accounting and finance management in compliance with international accounting standards


To provide the best accounting and financial management services and fulfil the stakeholders’ needs and customers’ requirements


  • Melaksanakan sistem pengurusan perakaunan dan kewangan dengan cekap dan berkesan
  • Menyediakan Penyata Kewangan Kementerian yang tepat dan mengikut jadual
  • Memastikan bayaran dan hasil diperakaunkan dengan tepat dan mematuhi peraturan kewangan yang berkuatkuasa
  • Memberi khidmat nasihat yang berkualiti dan berkesan dalam perkhidmatan perakaunan dan kewangan selaras dengan amalan terbaik



This branch is responsible for providing financial management support to the Accounts Division activities by performing administrative, services and finance tasks. It is also responsible for the implementation of accounting systems in the departments/divisions, responsibility centres and schools under the MOE. Its main functions include administrative and financial management, consultancy services and school account management.


In general, the Accounts Division provides accounting services to ensure accurate and proper accounting of all transactions of the Ministry of Education according to the prescribed schedule. The main tasks in implementing this function include payroll and payment management, trust management and accounts management and information technology management.


The client charter of the Accounts Division is as follows. We pledge to:

  • Issue payment within (5) days of the date of receipt of complete documents;
  • Pay the monthly salaries of federal government personnel on schedule and not later than the 25th day of the month;
  • Process vehicle loans, computer loans, personal and other advances which have been approved and make payment within (14) working days of the date of receipt of complete documents;
  • Account for the receipts and issue treasury receipts within (5) working days of the date of receipt;
  • Manage the replacement cheques / cancelled EFTs within 14 days of the date of receipt of application;
  • Prepare the bill performance report and submit it to the Office of the Chief Secretary on the 2nd and 17th days of every month;
  • Provide accounting performance advisory service to departments/schools within (5) working days of the date of receipt of application.


Management Branch

  • Administration and Finance Section
  • Consultancy Section
  • School Account Section

Operations Branch

  • Salary and Payment Section
  • Accounts Section
  • Trust Section
  • Information Technology Section


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Account Division
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