Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Dato Kamel CIO BI 16

Directive Letter of Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia dated 22 March 2000: “Penamaan Ketua Pegawai Maklumat Sektor Awam” stated that "Public Sector agencies have to nominate a Chief Information Officer (CIO) among their top management".

Government IT and Internet Committee (JITIK) Meeting No. 1/2009 chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia on 18 March 2009 stipulated that "MAMPU acts as the Office of Public Sector CIO and provides terms of reference for Public Sector CIO".

Main roles of Public Sector CIO are as follows:

  1. Change leader through alignment of Ministry/State/Agency ICT Strategic Plan (ISP) with the National Development Plan’s needs, Ministry/State/Agency Strategic Plan and Public Sector ISP;
  2. Implement and coordinate usage of policy, standard and global best practices;
  3. Coordinate ICT acculturation promotion in public service delivery system; and
  4. Implement and coordinate innovation in Electronic Government, ICT infrastructure and security.
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