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The Star dated 31 October 2012 – (SMS) NOT LEARNING MUCH

04 December 2012
Ministry of Education (MOE) refer to a SMS, published in THE STAR newspaper dated 31 October 2012Not learning much.
“My son in Form 1 now and since the Govt started the pbs programme they have learned nothing much. Worried about their education. It is already yr end. What is the result? Can’t see it.”
The ministry would like to assure the public that School Based Assessment or PBS (Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah) is a more holistic form of assessment and assesses the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains encompassing intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. PBS encompasses both academic and non-academic fields and is introduced as part of the National Transformation Program to produce world-class human capital.
PBS is based on Standard Referenced Assessment in which pupils’ achievements are measured against a Performance Standard developed by the Examinations Syndicate rather than the achievements of their peer group. Standard Referenced Assessment allows teachers as well as parents to trace and measure each pupil’s progress based on his or her performance measured against a set of performance indicators. Thus, a pupil is not compared to another: he or she only competes with himself or herself.
School assessment which is continuously carried out by teachers during the teaching and learning process is planned, formulated, administered, scored, recorded and reported by teachers in the school. School assessment may be carried out in the form of formative and summative assessment. Formative assessment is carried out during the process of teaching and learning. On the other hand summative assessment is carried out at the end of a learning unit, term, month or year.
Teachers need to record pupils’ achievement in the form of Fail Perkembangan Murid (FPM) and also the PBS Management System (SPPBS). FPM stores all evidence of a pupil’s achievement and development in the learning process.There should be a FPM for every pupil. FPM must be prepared at the beginning of the year and updated throughout the year because teaching, learning and assessment is a continuous effort.
The PBS Management System (SPPBS) is an application developed by Ministry Of Education to record and store information on pupils’ achievement in PBS. SPPBS can generate reports of pupils’ achievement. Any teacher who teaches a particular subject can report pupils progress by generating reports through SPPBS
Parents can obtain feedback about their children’s achievement from teachers who teach the subject. A descriptive and formative report can be generated via the SPPBS whenever needed. The report contains information about pupils’ achievement at the particular stage.



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