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Focus for the Conference: Making Mathematics Meaningful for Students

We cordially invite you to join us on September 20th - 22nd, 2018, for the Sixth International Realistic Mathematics Education Conference (RME6), a biennial conference held for the first time in the Caribbean (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands). This three-day conference is supported by the Freudenthal Institute (FI), the Freudenthal Group at Utrecht University, the University of Colorado - Boulder School of Education, Freudenthal Institute US (FIUS) and the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education.

This conference showcases research and practical workshops focused on Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), a Dutch approach to the design of curriculum, assessment and instruction that is widely respected throughout the world as an exemplary approach to mathematics education. RME has evolved over the last 40 years out of the work of Hans Freudenthal, research faculty at the Freudenthal Institute, and designers and mathematics educators throughout the world. Although RME involves some particular design principles, many of its features can be gradually adapted by teachers and school systems, recognising that significant pedagogic improvement take time to evolve.

The Committee decided to host the conference in Grand Cayman as it realises that, as well as being a beautiful island to hold a conference, countries in the Caribbean and Central America are particularly interested in developing approaches to mathematics teaching which focus students on problem solving, gaining number sense and developing an inner ear for mathematical decision making. We believe that the experiences worldwide of the design and implementation of RME will be really significant for all educators working to influence mathematic teaching. We also recognise the need to investigate and share Realistic Mathematics Education as a truly international endeavour.

The RME practices have been the foundation of improvement in mathematics in Cayman schools. Although Cayman schools have made direct use of some RME materials such as Mathematics in Context, perhaps the strongest influence is on the use of realistic problems as a way of generating the mathematics and as a way through the mathematics. We also strongly encourage students to articulate their thinking, thus encouraging the idea of students as sense makers. Models and manipulatives are used to encourage students to become strategic thinkers rather than followers of the teachers approach.  We support teachers to understand the trajectory for students experiencing mathematical development and how this knowledge informs teacher decision making.

This approach to teaching takes time to develop and we support teachers on the journey to becoming more effective through Lesson Study, coaching, sample lessons and regular professional development. As well as working with teachers we also work with schools and system leaders in order to generate coherence within and across schools.

For more infomation please visit : https://www.icrme.net/conferences.html

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