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  1. Quick Links - Display MOE's information; email address, telephone number, direct links to Directory & MOE's webmail.
  2. OKU Icon and others - Facilities for Persons with Disabilities (OKU) to change the font size, colour of the portal and change font family, language options and direct links to official social media for MOE (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & RSS)
  3. Logo - Display the logo and statement of the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE).
  4. Search - Enable users to do information search in the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) portal or use the 1Akses Malaysia widget.
  5. Main Menu - Display the main menu list found in the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE).
  6. Main Banners - Main banner for public announcements.
  7. Personalization - Contains a special link for Students, Public and MOE Staff.
  8. Announcement/Tender & Quotation/Circulars - Display latest information for Announcement, Tender & Quotation and Circulars.
  9. Examinations/Statistic/Votes - Display current examinations status, links to related Statistic & current vote.
  10. Online Services - Provide links to Online Services either its Periodic, On-Going, EG Application, Intranet or Mobile Apps.
  11. Links to other Agencies - Displays links to other agencies associated with the MOE.
  12. Contact Us, Quick Links, e-Participation and Tag Cloud - Quick links in the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) except for Contact Us. Contact Us displays the latest address, telephone and fax number as well as email of MOE.
  13. Copyright & Display - The All Rights Reserved Statement of the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) as well as the Disclaimer, Security Policy, Privacy Policy and Site Map links. The statement is displayed for the best browser to browse the portal & date of updates.
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